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About Us

Elnetty an IOT Company provides end - to - end IOT Solutions for all kind of requirements, which can be up and running within hours.

One Platform

Our platform integrates smart devices to work together with industry standards like AllJoyn, IOTVITY,Zwave etc.


Our analytics platform unlocks insights into customers’ needs and device usage, offering a way to visualize, analyze, and explore your data.

Smart Wi-Fi modules

Our Smart Wi-Fi modules can be easily embedded in your consumer electronics, industrial equipment, medical devices, security systems, home automation products – or any other product that needs simple and secure connectivity.

Smart gateway Controller

Our Smart gateway supports multi-vendor smart devices available in the market.

How it Works

Start now for a quick iot solution and accelerate your business


Using our IOT enablement network Card and SDK to be IOT-perfect within a few hours.


On-board with our Hub with Multi-Standard Compliance to Integrate with cloud and automate devices whether online or offline.
In addition to Elnetty (enabled) Devices, you can also control hundreds of connected devices from other brands through our platform.


Our User-Friendly mobile application can be customized for your needs.


Deploy your product with a highly scalable, Robust, Secure IOT Platform with Analytics by push of a button.


Test your product for market readiness.



Our Platform enables smartcities with horizontal middleware platform that allows every component to communicate with each other as one system, By connecting various systems in city buildings and infrastructure , cities are gaining visibility and functionality that could only be dreamed of before.
Connectivity will fundamentally change how home controls; HVAC, appliances, lighting and other everyday products are designed, used and sold. They can now see and manage their energy usage in every connected building, anticipate building HVAC needs based on external weather patterns or days of the week, receive real time and increase efficiencies.
Consumer products won’t just be products anymore; they will become the foundation for ongoing relationships. .

A Truly connected experiences through our ecosystem.

Internet of Things projects require powerful connectivity, instant scalability, and multilayer security. Elnetty helps developers and device manufacturers of all sizes meet their high-performance demands with an end-to-end platform optimized for building and running enterprise mobile and IoT initiatives.