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An Internet of Things (IoT) as-a-Platform provider for the companies that meets the challenges on industrial digitization in slew of verticals.

One Platform

Fernlink offers cloud managed, software defined IoT Network and consulting services in an easy-to-deploy manner, eliminating the need for custom-built solutions.


Enterprise ready IOT-Cloud platform - Highly scalable, robust, secured & OTA Firmware update enabled platform.


Smart-gateways provides ability to add edge intelligence and Edge analytics.

Network modules

Our generic network modules with baseboards can be easily interfaced with industrial equipments and can be programmed within hours to have simple and secure connectivity.


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Our analytics platform offers cloud based energy monitoring and management solutions, Which also helps to automate the facilities with our 'Edge Intelligence' to save energy. Based on a technology 'Energy Disaggregation', it provides itemized usage of energy for the entire facility.


Maintain, manage & increase the efficiency of the equipments with a foresight. This approach promises huge cost savings by addressing problems before they occur and also provides real time alerts on abnormal behaviours.


Our insights provides an easy and affordable path for manufacturers to unlock the value of their data by offering a way to quickly visualize, analyze, and explore their data, regardless of the device or application type. It supports remote device diagnostics and management, also provides real time alerts for when your devices are having issues.


Our system enables to distribute the logics and compute to edge of the IOT network to increase performance and reduce latencies. Also enables to add intelligence at the edge nodes to automate and protect the systems from critical situations.



Many of these systems are still manually monitored which results in frequent and unnecessary maintenance, costly production stoppage or, in rare cases, catastrophic failure. Due to lack of real-time aggregated data system, operators may wait for scheduled batch updates before re-configuration decisions, which result in postponing tasks increasing the overall production. Real time alerts and clear insights allows the operational system to be much less prone to unnecessary maintenance and production stoppage.


We can't expect Consumers to deliver more energy effiency without giving them the guidance on their usage and saving feedbacks. Our analytics software provides appliance level energy consumption using smart meter data alone, by extracting energy patterns that are unique to the device. By measuring the itemized energy consumption and identifying the source of inefficiencies, we enable to lower the energy consumption thru automation and real-time feedbacks.


Get started by enabling our flexible, distributed iot solutions which can be tailored to any specific verticals and use cases.

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